Working alongside Headway UK we were tasked with raising awareness of concussion in U.K sport. After the 2015 $1 billion lawsuit in the NFL, concussion became a major part of sports in the USA. However, nothing changed in sport in the UK. With major incidences happening at Manchester United and across Rugby League and Union it was clearly an issue that was being ignored.

We were tasked with getting people just to know about the dangers of concussion, and informing them of the fact that it can happen in any sport, no matter the age, gender, or roughness of the sport itself. The biggest problem was finding a universal connection between all sports, as they all use different equipment, clothing and even playing fields to each other. Studio XIII all put our heads together (pardon the pun) to find the one and only common denominator… the changing room.

We created a campaign that showcased the seriousness of concussion, with interactive X-Rays, which were showcased on mirrors in changing rooms. Alongside these posters, we also created a larger wall poster, which is set to the size of standard smartphone screens. This poster is intended to be photographed by players whom may have got concussed, and set as their lock-screen on their mobiles, reminding them they have concussion, as well as what to do.

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